Benefits of Game Cancellation Coverage

A.M. Best A+ rated insurance company

Up to $1,000,000 per policy

Estimated revenue or incurred expenses covered

Amount purchased is pre agreed- no claim adjustment

$1,500 minimum premium

Simple application process

Policy includes these features:

All forms of terrorism included

Severe weather covered

Includes decision to move game for any reason to another state

Loss of ‘estimated’ revenue - no proof required

Cancellation Coverage: Super Bowl

Announcing: A unique policy for protecting the loss of anticipated revenue if the Super Bowl is cancelled

DeWitt Stern has designed an Event Cancellation insurance policy to protect businesses from lost revenue if for any reason Super Bowl XLVIII, scheduled to be held in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on February 2nd 2014, is cancelled or moved more than 60 miles.

Whether a severe blizzard paralyzes the New York- New Jersey transportation infrastructures or terrorist activities occur anywhere in the world, the policy is designed to respond as long as the Super Bowl is cancelled. 

DeWitt Stern is the exclusive provider of this coverage, underwritten by Houston Casualty Company. It has been customized for businesses that would be financially impacted if the Super bowl is not held in New Jersey as planned. Event Cancellation insurance is the broadest form of business interruption coverage available in the marketplace today. The policy is written to insure the ‘agreed amount’ of estimated potential revenue, protecting a business like none other. It can be purchased by completing an application and paying the premium up until two weeks before kickoff.

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